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I'm in Dallas... have been since like 1p.m. Spending a nice day with mom, and then dad came home so we are getting ready to eat dinner. I survived my drive with 2 cats. I love traveling with Aset since she is a joy, real quiet and stuff, but Isis, OI! I need some meds to knock her out on the journey back on Thur. or Fri. I think she stressed Aset out with all her meowing and pitiful me sounds cause the poor baby threw up like twice. :(

Tomorrow I am going to Oklahoma for my first interview. The interview is at 12:30 now, so I'd appreciate any prayers/well wishes/good thoughts for this. It's NOT the place I want to be, and mom and I talked about it, but well... it's a job, ya?

OH Temple Daily Telegram emailed me wanting some clips *jumps up and down* so maybe Temple (for a police/fire beat) will want to give me an interview. That would mean I can stay at my place and travel, and maybe find something nearby to move into later on... we shall see. I put in my app at the Sheriff's Office for a dispatcher position so maybe something will happen there. It' money. Something I am slowly getting low on.

Well I think food is ready!! Yeah!!
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