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I'll take my mulligan now...

Mulligan = do over (golf term)

I'm weezing and coughing and have bruises. I have two pairs of jeans sitting in my shower, trying to air dry and get the smell out. I have a shirt that joined the pants party. I ended a conversation with my lil' sis, luxuria_oceanus, quite abruptly - thanks for understanding sweetie.

What am I talking about?

I fought two fires in one day, and slept through one wreck. Oh yes, I put in my "volunteer" hours in baby! It's the most I have done in one day in the past year I have been on the Volunteer Fire Department.

Mutual Aid One
I heard Reagan VFD being paged out to a grass fire, and I thought it was us, so I start getting my stuff together to run to the station. Heard it wasn't us, but then Mike and Steven said they were going to the station as a backup unit. So, not having anything else to do, I drive over to the station too.

Mike and I ended up taking a tanker, has 5000 gallons of water on it, to the fire... It was on the edge of the county, and even Bremond, which is in the next county, came to render mutual aid. Well it turned out that a hay barn caught on fire, after a grass fire had got close to it. The structure looked like it needed to go anyway.

So Mike ended up going up to the structure and putting the fires out and spreading the hay around. I did spot water from the truck. The smell of burning hay is like... it's hard to describe but it has a light smell to it.

We ended up maybe spending an hour there and then coming back. Filled the truck, parked, and went home.

Fire Meeting
Ok, this was like the hell of meetings. Usually it's like less then an hour meeting. This time it lasted a shade over 2 hours. I ended up filling out an application for Movie Gallery, complete a run sheet, and vote on the gear and gadgets we are buying via grants we have received.

Once more left luxuria_oceanus when I had to leave to the fire meeting (see, a bad day all around). After the meeting I dropped the app off, talked to the manager (who knows me) for like 45 min, she said we will set up a "formal" interview in 2 days or so. Fun. And the best part is I will not loose my unemployment just have it reduced depending on how much I work.

Anyway, went home, and settled back into chatting and eating my dinner. Not too bad... until shortly before 12, when I hear chatter on my radio about a house fire, evacuation of people, and the city being toned out.. then we are.

Mutual Aid Two
That house was ... beautifully alight with fire. Five of us piled on the Engine, where really only four can really fit. I ended up on Tammy's lap and being the look out, calling if there were cross traffic - dude, it's midnight, in Marlin how much traffic is there on the north side? Not much.

So anyway, we roll up, pile out, and we are getting a few of our guys suited up with SCBA (air pac) and enter the house. More come, and we end up having Chilton, Golinda and Reagan VFDs show up, so there are tons of people. Greg - the City fire chief - tells me to keep track of first my guys, then as more backup came, keep track of everyone. With the help of Tammy and Angie, we made a list of everyone and where they were from, and if they left the scene. Even the Troopers and the Police. The police ended up bringing a butt load of water, gaderade, and ice. Boy we needed it.

Now house fires smell... horrid. It just... is horrid. I'd also like to note that the Waco TV stations where there, but not the Democrat. Hmm.

Anyway, I need to get dressed, and get to the bank.
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