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Well I haven't updated in a bit, now have I? Life is ok. Ups and downs as always...

* Turned in my resume into the Marlin Police Department and they have an opening for dispatcher and dispatcher supervisor. I have a interview on Monday at 10 a.m. Wish me luck! Everyone (cops) I talk to says that I have a good chance of getting it.
* Movie Gallery lost another worker and the Manager wants to bring me in and formally interview me.
* Am glad I am able to stay here in town and at my house. Last night Angie, Tammy and I went to Waco and spent the evening with Tammy's mom's house. We had tons of fun and had a few drinks. Ok, one. But it was so much fun. We needed a nice night on the town.
* I am starting to make jewelry again, but this time to sell. No worries to the few who have received my stuff as presents, I will still be gifting my stuff, but I figure I may see if I can't pay a few bills while I am at it. :) I'll post when I finally get it up.

* No real new leads in career wise job searching. I did get one response, but still need to go back to MD to get a re-burn of my past work. If tomorrow wasn't Monday, I would cruise by and ask.
* Muse seems to come back in small ways, but really am not 100% back to writing. It sucks major. I'm a writer by trade, training and profession, but as I explained to Dad, that doesn't mean my muse doesn't leave for long periods of time. I am just really tired of not writing.
* My unemployment is small. But with a few job prospects maybe it will be some money to keep me tied over until the first pay check.
* My friend's daughter is in the hospital. She is 3 years old, and they don't know what she has. The poor thing is such a trooper. The docs say she can go home after 24hrs of not puking. So far she hasn't had success.

In other news, I am still tired and not always getting the best of sleep. I did buy the first few DVDs of Lost. I know a few of you are excited for me. I still have one more ep of Torchwood than I am done with S1. Honestly, we need to hurry up with S2 England!

Speaking of Torchwood, jack_gwen_daily had it's first non-mod poster. WEEE!!! If you like J/G and 100 word drabbles, please consider joining and posting. :) and on fandom... Ani and I are doing a super top sekret fandom poll... found here.

I'm still doing the icontests, so look for a post of these pretties soon.

Mom is coming home on Nov. 19. *dances*

Can TX make up it's frakin mind on what it wants to do? I am sitting in a house where the temp inside is average 75ºF, and it should feel more like at most 60's!!!!! Talk about odd and stuff. I really want to move to some place that has some real weather patterns that make sense.

I will be 27 in 14 days. Two weeks to the day!

Ok, well see ya'll around. I'm pretty board sometimes doing the day. I'll try to remember to turn on my invisible off, but usually I am here, just not announcing it.

Love ya'll!
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