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Just wanted to inform the whole of the tiny universe I am in, that Aset is crazy, wacko, three fries short of a happy meal!! (sorry have been channeling Jack O'Neill all day - and I have only been up for oh, and hour)

She started this last night, after midnight, just racing around up the couch, down the stairs, through the kitchen, knocking down boxes (twice with things in it), around and around and around.... then she finds some foil wrapper I had on the coffee table, and pats at it like it's bug. Pounce. Brissle tailed. Wide eyed. My cat is on crack.

And this morning she was being So Stinking Cute™ laying on my pillow, head on my arm and purring (she is a purring fool) and just calm and sweet, and then she goes and licks me to death. I don't mind a few licks, but cat's tongues are not lick friendly. Heck, I don't do many doggy licks. Donno why, but there ya go. So I tell her to quit, but that means more in cat, and soon I am hiding under the pillow to get away from her little licks. Well soon she decided crack was better anyway and went to my desk and played with my paper clip holder, spilling all the paper clips on the floor.

oi. my active kitten.
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