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stargatefic100 Weather Prompts

Oi! My fingers hurt like heck, but I come offering a much needed update! My stargatefic100 is long over due, but well, look for a furry of updates in that area! I offer, The Weather Prompts: Rain, Snow, Thunder, Lightening, Storm... enjoy!

066. Rain.

Sam stood under the porch overhang, watching as the sky lit up with the streaking lightening and wait patently for the loud roll of thunder that followed. It always brought her to a simpler place in time when she watched the thunderstorms roll in around the mountains of Colorado Springs.

The rain started falling harder and she looked at the small flowers that had finally been peaking through the ground and blooming. They had their heads down, submitting to the onslaught of the rain, washing the dirt into the lower parts of the garden, and splashing mud up against the house. Another streak of lightening and clap of thunder made Sam start momentarily. She looked up at the heavens and smiled.

The dark clouds had rolled in shortly after she had come home from the SGC, preparing for a long weekend of nothing more then relaxing and recharging her batteries before getting back out into the field for the next schedule of missions. Cam had reminded her as he jabbed a finger at the up button also, that they were booked solid for the next month and half. Would she be able to prepare herself to be in the field with three men and one other woman for that long? Sam had laughed and turned the question around: would he be ready to be in the field with two other guys and two women?

The lazy steam curled into the air as the wind changed directions and Sam pulled the thin blanket around her shoulders. She gripped the mug and eyed the ground once more. She had finally gotten it landscaped to where she wanted it and had even poured a small slab of concrete a while back for a bench that she had ordered with her father’s name on it. Three trees huddled around the slab, already sheltering it from the rain as best as the small branches could.

Car lights caught the rain as it swung into the driveway, stopping behind Sam’s car. Another clap and lightening split the sky open. She could see a figure leaning around in the car, gathering bags and other objects. Sam paused as she walked toward the porch steps, careful to not step on the wet patches that formed from the rain and wind shifts. She waited, as did the figure in the car for the rain to lighten.

Sam set her mug down on the small porch table and unwrapped herself from the blanket. Slipping off her slippers, she gave another look to the sky, dark and foreboding and left the dryness of the porch for the wet concrete and grass. She wiped a strand of hair from her face as she ran toward the car, not caring her bare feet, arms and top were getting wet.

The car door opened and she smiled as he came out to the rain too, catching her around the waist as she came nearer. The bags in the car were forgotten as he pressed his hand to her face and kissed her lightly. Sam, seeing his face as the sudden lightening bolt lit it up, pulled him in for a deeper, passionate kiss.

He shut the door to the car and took her hand, running back to the porch, giving a laugh as he neared the steps. Turning he pulled Sam once more into an embrace and pushed the raindrops from her cheek as he leaned down and gave her another hungry kiss.

Sam stifled a laugh when he took off his jacket and combat boots, tugging her back into the yard and splashing her with the pools of water that were standing around the base of the young trees.

Sam collapsed into Daniel’s arms as he pulled her onto the wet cement before the porch steps, sharing kisses in the rain.

067. Snow.

“Oh common, it’s the first snow of the year. You have to come up and see it fall.”

Sam smiled as she heard the all too familiar whine in Daniel’s voice over the phone. Even after all these years, Daniel could still know how to beg.

“Ok, I’ll meet you at your office.”

Daniel was standing just outside the elevators when Sam arrived on his floor. He got in and smiled at her, punching the button to continue topside. Slowly they climbed and found themselves at the exit for the SGC. Daniel grabbed Sam’s hand as she started toward the guard to leave the complex.

“No, up the hatch. We are going way topside.”

Sam laughed and followed him, feeling as if they were sneaking off where their parents couldn’t find them. Soon they were pushing the hatch open and were climbing into the cold Colorado air that nipped at the mountain. Daniel smiled and reached out his hands, catching some of the snow.

“For the first snow fall this looks like it may be a long hard winter,” Sam said, looking up at the sky.

“Thanks for that weather report, now back to the snow,” Daniel teased. He shuddered as a snowball hit him in the arm. “Ow! Hey!” He ducked as another one came his way. He bent down and made a few snowballs of his own and threw them back toward Sam.

They spend the next hour with cold fingers trying to grip snowballs and making snow angels. When they got back to Daniel’s office, Jack was waiting for them, a playful smile appearing when he saw they were still brushing off snow.

“Gone for some winter recreations?”

“Oh common, Colonel,” Sam started. “It was the first snow fall of winter, how could one not play in it?”

Her twinkling eyes caught Daniel’s and they shared a small laugh. “We were about to warm up, care to join, Jack?”

Jack stood there, considering for a moment. “No, I think I will go find Teal’c and show him what these reindeer games are all about.”

The two scientists had mugs of hot chocolate waiting for their other teammates when they came back from their own playing in the snow. The team decided they would try to get away and teach Teal’c about ice skating too.

068. Lightening.

“I’m scared, mommy,” the little voice said beside Sam’s side of the bed. The room lit up and the little boy jumped.

“Common, you can sleep on daddy’s side of the bed,” Sam said, pulling the sheets back. The little boy scrambled up and curled up close to her. “There is nothing to be scared of, lightening is pretty.”

“But it’s so bright. I don’t like it. It could bring out the monsters,” her son said, big blue eyes looking up at her.

“Uncle Cam telling you about monsters again?” He nodded. “Well those monsters are far, far away and that’s where daddy is, fighting them. So you can’t be scared because your daddy always wins, right?”


Sam sat up holding her son close. “Common, let’s go watch the lightening. My dad used to watch the storms with me.”

“And now they don’t scare you?”

“And now they don’t scare me.”

Wrapping a blanket around herself, Sam walked down the stairs, her blonde haired boy resting his head on her shoulder. They opened the blinds in Daniel’s study and sat on the loveseat Sam and Daniel would share when they sorted out mission reports. They watched the storm, the lightening making her son jump less as she would count how long between strikes. Sam held him as he finally drifted asleep, Sam soon following, watching as the lightening became fainter and fainter, and let the calm after the storm bring dawn closer to them.

069. Thunder.

“Intergalactic thunder storms?” Jack squinted at the two scientists. “And now we can’t use the ‘gate?”

“In a nutshell,” Sam said, studying the screen before her. “I hear Hammond said than we have to wait out the storm. I think he said something about getting our mission reports done.”

Jack grimaced. “Damn intergalactic, gate shutting down, thunder storms!”

He left, leaving Sam to look over the data that had come in that morning. A coffee cup slid into her view and she followed the hand that was pushing the cup. “Bless you Daniel,” she said, seizing the cup. He smiled and sat beside her.

“So we really can’t operate the ‘gate during this?”

“Not unless you want to possibly end up in another dimension.”

“Hmm, I like this one, thanks.”

Sam gave a small laugh and nodded. “Well Jack may disagree with ya.”

“Oh yes, I heard him muttering about mission reports.”

“Command has it’s perks.”

“Yes, well it would help if he did them on time in the first place.”

“Gives us more time to gloat about not having to do any work.”

Daniel turned toward Sam and broke into a wide smile. “I love intergalactic, gate shutting down, thunder storms!”

070. Storm.

It was brewing on the horizon, sucking up the light as it moved closer to the team of four, trekking back to the ‘gate. Daniel was watching it, and Sam kept an eye on Daniel. He had a habit of turning and watching it, letting the rest of the team forge ahead.

“It’s beautiful,” he breathed.

“Isn’t it?” she responded.

The storm roared and the ground trembled. There was just something about off-world storms that always fascinated them. More violent, more ethereal, but calming and beaconing.

Soon they were running toward the ‘gate, hoping for clearer skies back on Earth.
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