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[FIC] Trust - CSI: NY

By: chris4short
Spoilers: Run Silent, Run Deep
Rating: PG
Word Count: 295
Summery: Danny and Lindsay just talk... wow. Really, that's all there is to it!
A/N: For dine7184... really I am working on the tag to Boo, but this ep came on last night and once more, Danny crying just made me want to hug the man... so I gave him a sweet moment with Lindsay instead!

“I’m not to be trusted, Lindsay,” Danny started again.

Lindsay shook her head. “It was one time, long ago, your brother paid for his part. You are not responsible. Don’t beat your self up about it, Danny.” Lindsay placed a hand on his arm and gave him a warm smile.

“One time is more than enough,” he said, looking down at her hand. “The Tanglewood Boys haven’t really let me and my family forget.”

They fell silent as they continued to walk down to the parking garage. Danny was lost in thought after another quick look in on his brother. He had run into his mother and father as he was coming back to work and had briefly told them about what was going on. He and his parents didn’t see each other often.

“Common,” Lindsay said, suddenly grabbing Danny’s sleeve. He didn’t have much time to ask what Lindsay had in mind, before he found himself on the street outside of the Lab. Lindsay gave him a wide smile and tugged.

The evening had given way to a deep darkness that only made the few neon lights and car headlights stand out. Growing up in New York, Danny’s feeling was you walked down one street, you’ve walked them all. But Lindsay’s awe had not tarnished even after the almost year she had been there.

“Let’s just walk, we’ve been in the Lab for days now,” Lindsay said, dragging Danny to the corner. “And if something ever happened, Messer, I’d want you in my corner. You are better than anyone you’ve ever run with. I trust you without question.”

Danny couldn’t help but smile. “I sometime wonder, but thanks. And if anything should ever happen, I’d be there quicker than an New York minute, Montana.”
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