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I am going to slowly shread my cats, like they slowly shreaded my: cardboard boxes (full of books), book covers, my dried roses... paper, receipts, you name it!

I have had it!!

I came home, no problem went upstairs, changed, and came back down to watch a show, and check the internet... watch the kitties, listen to the scanner. Normal night. Then I go upstairs because I can't find my schedule book anywhere, and turn on the light on the landing... look around and about screamed - but I have neighbors, and unlike my last neighbors, I am actually considerate incase they, you know, sleep at night... The BITCHES (most likely the second cutes Garfield cat known... ISIS) had knocked over the roses and CHEWED THE STEMS AND THE ROSE HEADS OFF!!! And left them laying like twigs. In a pile. With the vase knocked over.

This is the second bouquet I have had to weed because of these f'n heafers!!! And maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, but this one contained the rose I carried in my friends wedding - the first wedding I was IN, apposed to helped with.... So I spent the last 20 min picking up cardboard bits and throwing them out, stacking up the cardboard boxes and placed my father pillow container over the boxes. I am glad they don't have front claws *glares at Isis as she creeps past me* but damn they use their teeth!!!


in the morning, i will be cuddling the fur balls, but for tonight, I am gonna be mad at them and glare at them. I already did a stern talking to with Isis, and she just flinched a bit, but sat there and took it. See why I don't need kids? See why I will never have tiny humans?
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