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Ok Team. You see the time stamp on this? 6:20 a.m. I do not get up this early unless it's for a flight! The reason why I am up for the second day in a row at 6something is because I have been tagging along with my friends Tammy and Angie to their jobs. They are both probation officers, but Tammy works in an office, and sees kids there, while Angie is in a high school.

So I am sure I have said I have been accepted to be a substitute teacher here in town, well Angie asked her school (40 miles away) and they asked when can I start? *quirks eyebrow* they have never met me! So anyway, filled out app, put on nice cloths (with a change of jeans, cause, common, it's high school and I could blend in if I wanted - really - and I am only going for the interview for a bit I am sure... donno if the principal will let me walk the halls with Angie... otherwise, oh sweet computer and more icontests, and 2 weeks worth of Torchwood, and 5 DVDs, please entertain me!

Anyway... there be I at. I need to make a lunch. *giggle* never went to high school in a school before... and hasn't everyone wanted to go back to high school? *G*

Wish me luck ya'll - maybe they will call me for subbing... then i can get up at the ass crack of dawn - checks windows - or night and ride with Angie to school... weeeee.... Gosh I am hungry, and nervous, better grab some breakfast for later - can't eat before 8 otherwise no feel so good... laters!
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