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SG-1: Ark of Truth (spoilers)

SPOILERS WITHIN!!! (or a general thought gathering... not sure which.... but Spoilers for sure!)

I saw that our tiny movie store was getting SG-1 and I pushed my manager aside and dove into the box, coming up with the movie and almost running around with glee. Sadly, there were customers, so they heard my gasp and my rapid "OMG OMG!! MY SHOW!!" rants. They know all of us are a bit strange, so they tend to over look sudden outburst.

I held myself back and didn't see it last night, besides being tired after working and cutting my hair all off, i wanted to really enjoy myself. So this morning, here I am, done, and ready to re-watch!

Firstly, so much teamy goodness!! It felt like S9, early part after they had all gotten comfy with Vala yet with S10's grown up Vala. I was so impressed that they kept to the story, nothing but the story (ok a bit Vala/Tomin *squee*) and ... wow.

Second. Anyone else hate the IOA? Besides Woosly, since he seems to have tempered down a lot. Apparently almost dying (SGA) seems to do that to a lot of people. Odd. Moving on. Of course they can't just leave the SGC alone, and have to tag along... with an alternative plan, because, let's disregard SG-1's track record, they will fail. Silly ark, doesn't exist.

Third. Team interaction. OMT! It was so nice to see the team back! Of course they all have their own things they are doing, but they are doing what they do best. Sam is saving the Odyssey with Cam shotting up the IOA's "alternative plan" the replicator gone wrong, Daniel, Vala, Teal'c and Tolin are after the ark, and meet a bit of resistance from the Ori (imagine that!). Daniel is diggin in the dirt! Sam is bring the brain! Cam is beating up people! Teal'c is super bad ass man! Vala is worried about her hair and nails... but later she forgets that and is mature and kicks ass! Tolin is the sweet man as ever who finally has the back bone to stand up to the Ori!

Fourth. The special effects! The omages! The Ancients (ok one)! Adria in flames! WOW!! Bigger budget = bigger visuals that made me gasp, and the story line! That was the best because I felt I was watching a CLASSIC!SG-1 ep, because remember when they'd round the corner and you'd gasp because there was true danger, and OMG will they get out?! Welcome back, where have you been?

Fifth... I see no reason why anyone would feel let down. I guess maybe those who don't care for the Ori story line would find this very boring... But even in the end, they are our team through and through - off to explore another world. Saving our world? Aww, nothing, all in a days work. And yes now there is no more "big bad guy" but that's what we said when the Gou'ald and the replicators were destroyed. There's bound to be another baddy out there!! It's a big gigantic universe!!

I can't wait for the next film! It seems the big boys are finally getting back to what we fans want... roots and the characters we love. Story lines we care about! I loved it!
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