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*insert wit here... i am out*

i didn't realize how much i love and need my once a month trips back to my parents house... i can't get away from work (even so i have Sat off, and don't get off early on fri, i have to close on sun - so i could go this weekend, if i was lucky) but really... i miss my mom and dad so much - like on the verge of tears, gah! such a sap! - and i don't know if they or mom will come down since it's a mini-church gathering weekend... and they are always way busy with that... anyway, sent an email to mom, only to realize in the endo f the email that it was mini-church weekend... and i am rambling.

Kids, no matter if you are 27, live on your own, have cats, great friends, and 2 jobs that are trying to either drive you insane, or kill you, or kill you by driving you insane... you need your mommy and daddy sometimes. like at least once a month. so they know you are alive at least. :)

Ok, some tellie and bed, opening the store and inventory for 9 hours with the boss. shoot. me. now. (but please pay my bills... thanks)
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