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Well. I bought a 3x tetephoto lens for the Nikon D40. Really good deal, and can't wait to hold it... however i need the camera to go on it... slightly. So I have been trolling Ebay *pets ebay* and have several possiblities, but am wondering if:

A) there is another maybe cheaper site I could also look at - the camera ranges from $400 to $500 the packages I am looking at - but i found a beaut at $420 (camera, lens, cleaning kit, 4gb memory card, camera bag)

B) should I hope for future subbing opportunities based on past performance and get the camera in good faith that I can pay it off in May (or string it along... God help me.)

C) should I wait, save my money because I need/want spending money while I am in London so why spend it on a much drooled over camera, when i can take my mom's point and shoot.

welcome to my life. Oh yes, and do keep in mind, i break down once day because i can't afford the thing, plus not sure if i can also afford my bills... really. it's quite fun.
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