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*sings* I bought my camera, I bought my camera!!

I just bought my beautiful Nikon D40, extra memory, bag, cleaning kit.... and i already have a telephoto lens that should fit on the camera.... Oh sweet niblits! So excited!

I am waiting for the final price to be sent to me, than I will pay, and it will be on it's way... and I will squeek when it arrives at the store (I have them now shipped to the store rather my house, because if I am working and not at home, I don't want an expensive piece of equipment just laying around. Plus I know as soon as it arrives at the store someone will call so I can run over and start playing.

I already had my manager ask if I'd take family pictures. SURE! Never done that before, but can't be much harder than doing all the ones I did for the paper and such! WEEE!!!!

*sings* I bought my camera, I bought my camera!!

(ps. Tia, am going to look at your camera selections if you still wanted me to do that. sorry i fell behind. *slaps self* bad friend bad!)
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