Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^< (chris4short) wrote,
Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^<

In Dallas...

for the day then off to LONDON!!

Isis and Aset are getting used to being at Mom and Dad's again. After a small WW3 with Isis to get her into the cat carrier, we were on our way. I bug bombed my house, so I am hoping to get rid of all the nasty bug bodies and have no more for a little while. YUCK!

I have my suitcase all packed, and don't need to transfer to a bigger one! I have my backpack packed minus my laptop and camera oh and what I will use tonight/in the morning. I have everything done! Oh wait, one more thing needs to be printed. will need to do that in a moment.

Today is Dad's birthday, we will be doing something for that. I got him a DVD - The Seeker - and mom got him this FUNNY shirt. I'm sad I don't have anything for Brian (my brother) since his b-day is May 9. But I am sure if I find something over seas it will make up for it. If he even notices I am gone and only the cats remain...

Can;t think of much else. I finished dl S4 of NCIS, so when I get S3 done, I don't have to wait to go on to the next... just have to wait til i dl S5. i can live. :)

I am so bored at the moment... maybe Aset and I will watch some TV, or read a book...
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