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A slight call...

I'm looking to try my hand back at quilting. A friend of the family makes jean quilts and I'd like to try to do one too. Not that any of my sewing projects of late have been ... completed.

Of course this means.... jeans! So I have collected 5 pairs that no longer fit (sometimes for the better) and am wondering if any of you (and guys too) have a few jeans you are thinking of retiring. they can have holes, patches (it's called character) or what ever. fancy, not so fancy, ... just as long as they are BLUE jeans. (any wash, most I have are like the avatar, or darker...) I was told it doesn't matter how big the pair, you always need at least 12 pairs...

So anyone have any they'd like to donate? If nothing else, it helps unload your closet! Email me, or leave a comment (they are screened)
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