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Um... ok.

Well, I had at least one interesting customer today. It was a young girl who came in, kinda odd, but hey, I don't live in a bright town. So I asked her if I can help her, she said, no, her ex-husbands new wife sent her to get some movies.



no... wait, it gets better!

She comes up with two no-no movies (aka the skankamax type of porno movies. ie, nothing you can't see on skankamax - or cinimax, or skinamax... take your pick.) And i look at her and ask her if this is what her ex's new wife requested. She said no, she just said to get 2 movies. Ok. Payback is best served cold. So she has late fees, and if she'd have told me her ex's new wife (who was a friend at one point) was paying, I'd not have done the extra discounts, but hey, it helps me and my numbers too... so I get her fixed up and we are chatting. She hands me $40 and that's when i find out it's the new wife's money, so i tell her I'd take the money, go get some groceries, some other things and tell her the movies cost $40.

I think the new wife was in the car because they didn't leave right away. Too bad I didn't insist on the .25¢ insurance. Oh wait, maybe new wifey will be dumb again and will pay for the 2 no-no movies should they break.

Wow. by far the most interesting customer of the day.
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