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Happy Birthday Ana_K!!

My dear fellow Americans... um... fellow American, singular, today is YOUR day for cake, laughing, and fluffy pillows to prop up your head should the sudden urge to eat grapes arise. *checks planned script* Err... scratch that last bit, unless you eat grapes on fluffy pillows.

All that to just wish ana_khouri Happy Birthday!!


You're still not old like us, so enjoy your youth and your fun-filled day! *HUGS* from Texas, but really from me... I'm the little one near the center... ya there ya go. *SQUISH* Hon you are a BLAST to be around and are so BLESSED to have a awesome lady to call your own! Relax, don't let shelves kill you, and when people are mean, pull a face and tell them to shut the hell up, it's your birthday... and you'll cry if you want to. But than your cake may get soggy... so I advise against that. So maybe eating graps on fluffy pillows isn't so bad.

:-) *squish* have a fab day (or had one) and don't go all ass-slapped face!
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