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Tests, Mom, Work, and the other things that go bump in the night.

Well... How long has it been since I gave a proper update? Forever it seems like. So, for the sake of time (riiiiight) and your flist, I shall use the lovely cuts.

Well... um.... my test is the huge thing really that I am stressing/not thinking of/really worried about/not sure how I feel. Yes, one can have all those emotions at once. For, therefore, and whatnot, I am going to be taking my teachers Content Certificate Exam tomorrow morning. As in... have to be there at 7:30a to start at 8a and be up around 6:15/6:30 and leave the house at 6:45a, even so it takes a mere 20min to get to Waco/Baylor University to take the test. I did a test run yesterday, thank GOD cause all the central campus, ie the directions given to me by the web, are all useless. But I found an alternate, dare I say, faster, route.

So I've had like a tad over a week to really prepare for this thing. You know, I'd much rather have stressed and put all my waking hours into splitting studying for this exam and my pedagory modules cause I think I am absorbing it better. *chirp chirp* well, I guess we shall see tomorrow and in a month when I get my exam results...

Some has been fairly easy to grasp and remember, because I use it or it just makes sense, but other things have been just making me wonder how I will be able to do this in a real class, with real kids, but than I remember I am not there yet. I will be whenever I get these results... and maybe some job interviews. Yes, I get ahead of myself. Opps.

I did the multiple choice/reflective questions on Monday and did ok. I went over the q's I didn't get right with mom, and some of it was better. And yesterday she was quizzing me from the book I bought last week (which is like the best accidental purchase ever) and yesterday I wrote the essay part of the test, so I kinda know what to expect with that too.

Summery: Wish me luck/say a prayer/whatever.

Quick as a fox, she tries
only to realize,
there isn't much brain
in her head
to really give anything
else but this

Sending some hugs to those
who have given
their hugs and encouragement
to her because
they care and love

My mom came down for 4 days to help me study and just help me so I didn't have to do everything on my own. Like cooking. I think I gained 10 pds back that I lost. Mmmmmm... but if it wasn't good. We went to Waco, and we went shopping, she even came to work with me last night - the frakin busy night! - and watched a movie... also helped me put movies up. Very awesome. Last night, we watched the Food Network til like 1a and found the awesome show of Ace of Cakes. OMG! Awesome artists in cake!!! Jack would love the place...

*sigh* my work. As awesome as my manager is, I sometimes wonder if they know the words "need to study"... I did turn down two extra shifts not only because my mom was here, but because I needed to study. WOW what a concept. I bring my books to work on the off chance I can study... last night was no, and on Tuesday when I worked, I think I did do some studying. Oh well. Tonight I work from 4-8 and hope to go over some last minute things... that is if this migraine that is trying to come out goes away enough for me to even see straight.

that's really about it. I think after tomorrow I will tackle my module even harder so I can keep on track. I really don't want to fall behind more then I have to. So wish me luck!
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