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Exam done... now waiting...

well with the exam part of my teaching course. I think I did ok. The multiple choice q's were a good mix of easy, to 50/50 chance. or maybe the whole thing was a 50/50 chance. The essay part was kinda hard, but i think i used good defenses for my theme. um. it looked like in my classroom there were about 18 of us, and we all were taking different tests, or maybe it was all the same, i don't know.

So now, it's the waiting game. 3-4 weeks I should know if I can start looking for a job, or if my teaching career will remain in the substitute line for the next semester. I have already gotten both my letters of assurance from the school districts - saying that i will stay on the sub list and not have to be "rehired" ... so that's good.

Yesterday bought some scrapbooking supplies (paper and stickers mostly) and ordered a few more prints for my scrapbook.... I also made another set of 3 cards, and will have to upload them to my etsy. and my jewelry - i have it all so now i need to re-shoot them and try to sell some... who knows I know a few of you have your eye on my site ;)

THANK YOU for all the well wishes and advice. I hope it all went as well as i thought it did!

*huggles flist*
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