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Happy Hallooooooooween

Hide and Go Boo!
Author: Christine
Pairing: S/D; C/V
Disclaimer: I blame this sudden plot on my friend Tammy. She told me about her time in college playing Hide and Seek – something I did often at school too. And how it grew into this silly thing, is anyones guess...

"Shut the light off!!"

Vala froze and wide eyed looked over to the table in the middle of the office. "Daniel?" she called out tentively.

"Yes. Turn off the light!" Daniel said, peaking around the table. He looked her up and down for a moment. "What's on your head?"

Crocking her head slightly Vala drew her eyebrows together. "Teal'c said that placing things on your head was part of the custom at this time of the year. Is that eye shadow?"

"No, it's costume paint. Well I'm glad that Teal'c is schooling you in Earth customs, but can you turn off the light?"


"We are trying to play hide and go seek."

Vala shrugged and snapped the light off as she left. Walking down the hall, draping the long cat tail over her arm she rounded the corner.

"Have you seen Daniel?" Cam asked. He placed his toy gun down as he looked at her. "What's on your head?"

"A hat. And Daniel is in his office. Don't turn on the light; he yelled at me when I did that."

Cam smiled widely and thanked Vala. He took a deep breath and ran down the hall, toward Daniel's office. Bursting into the room he flicked on the lights and screamed.

Standing mid stride, stood Daniel in a kilt, swinging his bagpipes back around his head, Sam holding onto Daniel for support as she adjusted her super high, chunky shoes. Both had a deer in the headlights look.

"Rambo?" Sam squeeked as she lowered her leg and stood by Daniel.

"And you are disco chick?" Cam asked.

"Disco Barbie actually," Daniel corrected, reddening as Cam's wide eyes swung in his direction.

"And you are?" Vala asked, looking over Cam's shoulder.

"Braveheart," Sam replied. "What are you?"

"A sex kitten. Cam suggested it."

Cam turned away from Vala and became a very un-macho shade of red. "It didn't involve the hat though."

Vala smiled brightly. "That was Teal'c idea. He said it was to keep the aliens from probing my mind."

The room fell silent. Daniel looked away toward Sam who was adjusting her fringes. Cam knitted his brow and turned back toward Vala.

"You really think you have to worry about that? You are an alien. And besides, what does the movie 'Signs' and 'sex kitten' have to do with each other?"

Vala looked confused. She fingered the tinfoil hat on her head. "It was bright and shinny."

Once more the four members looked at each other. They smiled and slowly left Daniel's office, Cam and Vala arm in arm, Cam telling Vala about the foil hat story while Sam and Daniel went back to working on translating the artifact.
Tags: cam, daniel, fic, sam, vala

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