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no joy

omt, what the hell. i mean REALLY. frack. common. sheesh.

now my bedroom ac, the reliable one, seems to be broken. and now, it will not be until thursday til the friend's boyfriend can install my new unit and fan, both still in the car, cause hello, way too heavy for me. angie and i had the brilliant idea to just install it ourselves, until we realized angie's sunburnt self may not be able to lift well. damn, it was gonna be girls unite and do what the boy can't to help chris not sink into a tub of lard. the upside, when angie gets out of movie gallery and finishes putting up movies she didn't put up - or gets roped into something else, we are heading to her house so i have a cool place finally. my room was supposed to be that in my house. fuck.

i think i may take a shower and try downstairs, or if that is hot... well i have no idea where to go. i need to study. i just got done my 2 assessment... so now am working my why toward my 4th assignment, than have another assingment after that and one final assessment... and next module will be open. i think there is 8 or 10 modules all together, and i am on module 3. the quicker i can get them done in 10 days, the quicker i can move to the next module.

ok really, melting. gonna go take shower.
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