Teaching, Grad class, and maybe 1lb lost...

So last week was the first week back to teaching after winter break. It was an odd week since I was only in the classroom for 3 days. Two days I was on campus but was a teacher-leader for "Challenge Day" - http://www.challengeday.org/ - for the second year. It's more draining than the worst day of school, but so worth it! When I got back to the classroom I felt I had the strength to tackle a problem I had let built up in me and the classroom - the utter lack of respect I felt from most of my classrooms. I smacked them with it on Thursday and Friday seemed a bit better. We shall see how tomorrow and the days after will go.

Friday my second grad class opened - and very appropriately it is Classroom Management. The hardest thing a teacher sometimes has to manage. I started reading the first of 2 chapters for this week and I am reading just the basics right now and part of me feels kind of defeated. I have taught for 6 years, subbed for 2 on top of that, and still I am beating myself up for not seeing the basics. Well, I am not all bad, and I am doing a lot of the good, just the fact that my class is not my dream classes is what is getting me down at the moment. I hope this course will really kick the intellectual fire and give me tools I can use. So far, even so I am down(ish) I know I can improve and WILL IMPROVE. I sat down and put the timer on for 1.5 hours (this is my break and than maybe an ep of Bomb Girls) and still have half of chapter 2 to do, and two articles. Last night I wrote down the first 3 Units in my planner and went to bed with a daily and weekly plan. I hope to get a lot done on Sundays, take about 3 hours or more (split between morning and afternoon) and after school - it worked well last semester. I also have observations I need to schedule for U4 so I hope to get those scheduled this week. There are at least 2 discussions that I need to do each week, and have to upload them to my "vault" but I am having problems accessing it so I may have to contact tech for that...

In the weight-loss category, I *think* I lost a pound. I kept getting different numbers so I moved the scale to my kitchen and still got another number. So for the record, 1/11 is 140.0 - that way it is written (for the world to see and so I can keep track of the number). I have not eaten anything too high in carbs over the last week and battled the "why not eat cake" moment. I had greek yogurt this morning. I eat 2 scrambled eggs every morning, drink 1/2 to 1 cup of tea (depends on if I remember it is right there), have a snack of protein bar or handful of nuts during my conference period, yogurt for lunch, maybe a protein bar or drink mid afternoon, chicken and protein shake, or just one or the other for dinner. I am not motivated to workout. *ducks* never have been. This will be week 3 of protein only, and I am hoping for some tangible proof that I am loosing. The weekly scale is ok, but I'd like the spare tires to start deflating slowly. But not too slowly, but I know it will be slowly... :(

Also if it's going to be cold, than can we have some snow - on the weekends? Because I like my days off in Spring semester, there are already too few. February can't come fast enough either since the first weekend I am heading back to Dallas for Dallas Comic Con - Fan Days. And Stephen Amell and John Barrowman will be there.... *diezzzzz* 

Well... that went fast.

So I had meant to post everyday since 2015 started. And obviously it has taken 4 days to do so. Oops.

So here is the deal. I have gone back on my super restrictive diet ... er lifestyle shift. This means I have turned my back on carbs (bread, cookies, flour and gluten based thing/heavy amount), I have also dropped the veggies (anything that is not protein) - and indulged myself in protein. And a small, small, amount of carbs that come with some of the high protein things.

Today was the toughest day - I found some cookies in my bag, and I stood in the kitchen trying to convince myself that one -bag- would not be harmful. I was strong - they sit in my cupboard along with the other cookies. Uneaten, I may add. Tomorrow I must make sure I have to pack protein shake, bar, and my lovely lunch. Actually, its Cordon-Bleu, so it's delish!

I am going to do the pure protein for about 2-3 weeks, if I can manage maybe to the end of the month. The first week of Feb. I am traveling back to Dallas for Comic Con, and that may be my next transition point.  I have found some wonderful coconut flour to make some pizza dough. I made some "cloud bread" - eggs, cream cheese, and cream of tartar. It took FOREVER to whip the egg whites to stiffness. I don't have a blender, so a whisk was my friend. It sucked. But it made some "bread" rounds, so I can try one in the morning - with the discarded/messed up egg whites and egg yokes.

And so there we have the beginning of 2015.

Summer time..... vacation planning

So... my parents are going to celebrate their 40th anniversary next year, and as a family we are planning to vacation together. I think the last time we did this was in 2010 when we went to Connecticut to celebrate Grandma's 90th birthday. And I think that's also when jessm78 and I spent the day on Long Island too! Good times...

Anyhow, back to this summer... working as a teacher I get "the whole summer off" (hold on, let me stop laughing about that one...) and so I am the one with the most restrictive time table. My parents can go for as long as they want, I have to be back on US soil and back at my house by mid-August, my brother has to just give his work when he wants his 2 weeks off. The places we want to go is to Germany (we have family and tiah15 who lives in the same city as our family) and ..... ENGLAND!

starbuck1980, campmotha, and coexist_love I will be back on the other side of the pond! :) YEAH!!!  So, since I have been to London and know peeps and places, I'd ask if there is anyone who would shout out some ideas. I'd love to see Stonehenge. I'd love to do Scotland, Wales, Ireland.... but we only have one week, and a to be determined budget.

.... weee!!!

*testing.. 1...2...3....*

WOW. I didn't realize HOW LONG it had been since I actually posted (let alone actually look on here...) SOOOOOOO SAAAADDDD!!

So as the year ends, shall we do a quick "where did she go"? Yes... let's...

2014: A Retrospective

The start of this year found me starting the second year teaching at Ellison HS, Speech and Journalism.

Jan: Learned my grandma passed away, and came back to Dallas to spend a weekend with the parents and brother, to figure out what to do ... mourn...

Feb. - March: Worked. Spring Break. Worked.

April: Traveled up to Connecticut to bury my grandma. She was cremated after she died and my aunt wanted to wait until the ground thawed. Only my parents and I were able to go, and we took long walks on the beach, reminisced how we missed the water, and of course took our last tour around the house and got some memory pieces. I came back to Killeen on the night of Prom, and went from the airport to Prom. My students were so glad to see me - I love my Newspaper kids so much!!

May - June: School wound down, I was renewed for another year, so celebrations! So awesome to see your students complete their journey and see them off to the next. Afterwards I realized why in the past 5 years I had never done it... it's exhausting to sit through 500+ names!! I was also accepted to teach summer school, so I spent 3 more weeks teaching. I also did graduation for the first time ever, and that was fun!

July - Aug.: Summer was coming to an end, so I spent time on my parent's couch. Naturally. 2014-2015 school year also saw me moving from one classroom to another - and switching from Speech back to English. I kept Journalism and Newspaper - I'd fight for those classes. My parents (and a few students) helped me pack and move my room from half way across campus, and upstairs to downstairs, outside into a portable. Weeeeee...... I took another week to decorate and a few students (I pay in food, they don't say no to that) help to get the room all back to normal.

In July I took the GRE the test to get into Graduate school, missed my entry by 4 lousy stupid points... and decided to look at my options. I ended up being accepted into Capella University, an online school, and am on my way to get an M.S. inCurriculum and Instruction.

Sept.: I had to basically re-learn a few things in English 2, after not teaching it for 3 years, and also how a bigger department does things...

October: Austin Comic Con. Grad classes start. Dallas Comic Con. Teach. (Basically, a blur)

November: Stress: Teaching full time, Grad class heating up, and NaNo!! I made it all work - and won. And I turned 34!

December: Teaching and Grad class ended at the same time, and I passed my class with a 4.0 (an A). Raced to Dallas with my cats and am enjoying 2 weeks off from teaching and 3 weeks before my next grad class starts.

*huff huff*

So... bring on 2015!! This year is my parents 40th wedding anniversary and we - as a family! - are planning a trip to Germany and other places in Europe. That will be around July/Aug before I go back to teaching (because I just am so sure I will be getting my 4th year contract!)

I am making a commitment now to post regularly (yes, I am sure we have all read THAT somewhere...) but I really wanted to have written when I started my 6th year teaching and document the struggles and joys of teaching and going to school myself. So, I will do that for Spring Semester (and beyond) - also I want - need - people to keep me accountable in my weight loss. I have gained all the pounds back over the last 3 years and I can feel my body protesth loudly and I just hate how I look. So I know the tools, and am going to be implementing them. But before I start the great purge, let me just eat this box of chocolates... and cookies.... and more chocolate before Jan. 1.


November... Noveling again!

Well I renewed my account to a paid one... Happy early Birthday to me!

It is also November (in case someone is living without calendars) and it is NaNo time! Once more I tried to write my story about one of my favorite people in history - Lady Jane Grey. And for the second year in a row she hated how I was starting her story, stormed out, and took my muse. So... After three re-boots, I am now happy to report that I have settled back into my wheelhouse - or what I think may be it - mysteries.

And because NaNo is 50K words, a lot of my writing seems really long and filled with a lot of unnecessary exposition. But... editing is my friend - just not during November! I don't know if I will do anything serious with the novel, as in publish it at the end (not to sell, just to have it in print form) since I really am wanting to clean up my very first NaNo - my steampunk fic.

Ah oh well... School is going well. Lovely batch of students this semester... a lot I don't want to see go when we switch. The bad thing about teaching semester long classes!! Of course my two year long ones - Newspaper and Journalism - are draining in their own right. We have produced one Newsletter so far and are working on a 8 page Newspaper (think more magazine layout)... and journalism is going agonizingly slowly at times. But if they understand I will slow it down, I'm getting a few who are just goofing off. Really I don't teach hard classes. Oi!

Ah 2 weeks ago tiah15 came to the States for a conference and stayed with my parents. I took a nice long weekend last weekend to spend it with her. It was so awesome to see her - twice in one year!! Once at her place, and then at my parents... we have plans to do skyping and then a vacation in 2015. Heck ya!!

NaNo Day 2: 7696 wds.


Thanks to tiah15 for the cute sign, it's now on my craft room wall.

Got my hair coloured yesterday.

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And some pics of my make shift cutting table. IKEA furniture and a piece of table top = win for crafting.

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More pics later, I'm still working on this room.

Happy birthday to anyone I missed, and to desertjess :)

Back to sweating...



So met up with the coolest of cools: tiah15! Finally am in the same city - state - country - side of the world! So we literally spent all day walking, shopping, talking, talking, and just being ourselves. :) I love my real life/ met on internet, fandom friends!!


New Toys!!

So I had to get a new battery charger for my camera - somehow I lost it. I bought a new one over Amazon, and it didn't work. So today I wondered into a Radio Shack and they had a Universal battery charger - with a car charger too - and now I have a battery charger that works!

But you know you can't just buy one thing on Amazon, so I bit the bullet and got a new lens attachment for $8. Not much money, and if it didn't work, I didn't spend tons of money! OMG, it is awesome! It has a macro and a wide lens attachment... and now that I have a fully charged battery...

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