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Overlooking the Garden of Life

a rose called by another name... is still as sweet

Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^<
Friending: I love meeting new people!!! If you want to friend me because of my fics, go ahead. If you want to friend me because you think I'm cool - err... oookay, you looking at the same page as me? - awesome! If you want to friend me because that's what friends do, sweet!!


About me:
I'm a 34, single, Connecticut born Yankee living in the Heart 'o Texas, full-time High School English teacher.

After having dogs all my life, I have two cats, Isis, who I found as a stray in October '06, and Aset, who was born on July 4, 2007, who passed when my house burned Nov. 20, 2010. For '10 Christmas, I adopted a beautiful gray/white kitten, and named her Tanis. Her birthday is October '10. Isis has adjusted and loves her new little sister!

I have TONS of friends - mostly in real life. They say I am "strange, funny, odd and a geek" - I say they are right.

I have a slew of nicknames - Shorty, Half-Pint, Fun Size, 8oz, .5, Pineapple, Chris and Ziploc. Basically I am short.

I write both fan fiction and original fiction. I am a shipper. I ship Sam/Daniel, Cam/Vala, Cam/Lam, Vala/Teal'c, Jack/Sara, Jack/Janet (all of SG-1), Sparky, McWeir, Teyla/Ronon (all of SGA). I may ship, but I will read almost anything. I have read almost everything.

I'm fun loving, quirky, don't want to grow up, live in the moment (for the most part), have both feet on Earth and head up somewhere near that puffy white cloud. I talk too much. I'm quite. I am outgoing. I like intimate gatherings. I dance in my living room, far away from onlookers. I love winter because you can put more on and there is only so much you can take off.

If I had the choice I would be living back on the East Coast, enjoying the beach and Atlantic Ocean. I would be well paid and be packing for another grand adventure to tour the world... and write everything down and then get published.

Don't take my remote:
I'm a sci-fi fangirl, who squees major over SG-1, SGA, and Doctor Who and new love of Torchwood. I love CSI:LV and NY, not so much Miami. House is just awesome. New drools: Moonlight and Pushing Daisies. If you make me miss my Bones, you will be ... err... classified. I don't miss Ghost Hunters, Dead Zone, Psych or Burn Notice. I cry during Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Cops! Travel Channel can hire me at any time and I will go anywhere in the world the send me.

Basically, I love my TV.

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